Working From Home? We Have Quarantine Content!

Working From Home? We Have Quarantine Content!

Thank you to our latest Expert: Russell White, Director of Residential Property Management for Bluestone & Hockley! We are pleased to have him in-office discussing the new Portland “FAIR” Act. The heart of the FAIR Act (Fair Access in Renting), is about addressing the criteria that continues to be used as a proxy for race, including criminal records, income requirements, and credit scores, which lead to discrimination and disparate outcomes.

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Key takeaways include: low barrier criteria, a 72 hour notice period, the right to request an accommodation or modification, non-applicant tenants, max screening fees, individual assessments, and new $250 fines. Watch above as David Moore and our latest Expert Russell White discuss the key points of the “FAIR” Act, and how it applies today!

This one is a long one folks! Here’s the section times if you’d like to skip ahead:
PART 1: Portland “FAIR” Ordinance, 00:39
PART 2: Moving a Tenant In, 00:10:22
PART 3: Disclosures to Tenant, 00:23:32
PART 4: Security Deposits, 00:40:47
PART 5: Seattle Updates, 00:52:53
PART 6: Moving Out, 00:58:02

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