Portland’s New FAIR Ordinance: What Are the Rules?

David Moore of IRA Advantage and Russell White, Director of Residential Property Management for Bluestone & Hockley, discuss the FAIR (Fair Access in Renting) Act. The act addresses the criteria that continue to be used as a proxy for race, such as criminal records, income requirements, and credit scores. As a multifamily property investor, this ordinance has major ramifications for you.

Key Takeaways

  • Low barrier criteria
  • A 72 hour notice period
  • The right to request an accommodation or modification
  • Non-applicant tenants, max screening fees
  • Individual assessments
  • New $250 fines

Find the Information You Need

Get the information you need when you need it. Follow the time stamps to locate what you are looking for, whether it’s information about tenant disclosures, security deposits, or details about Portland’s FAIR ordinance.

PART 1: Portland “FAIR” Ordinance, 00:39
PART 2: Moving a Tenant In, 00:10:22
PART 3: Disclosures to Tenant, 00:23:32
PART 4: Security Deposits, 00:40:47
PART 5: Seattle Updates, 00:52:53
PART 6: Moving Out, 00:58:02

Portland's New FAIR Ordinance: What Are the Rules?

As an multifamily property investor, you know that rules and regulations are changing almost daily. We provide a number of resources for you to keep up to date.

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