You know us as Equity Advantage, a premier 1031 Exchange firm. But, did you know that the Advantage Family also includes IRA Advantage with a complete line of self-directed IRA products? We are the only company in the nation to offer both services and a 1031 exchange property listing service, Post 1031. Learn how you can put the Advantage Family to work for you. For example: Equity Advantage 1031 exchanges and IRA Advantage self-directed IRAs can be combined to purchase real estate.

IRA Advantage was created by David and Tom Moore to empower investors with the ability to decide for themselves what investments to make and to enable them to make those investments when they choose. Investors can select from a wide range of flexible retirement investment options including their famous Checkbook IRA that makes investing in real estate as simple as writing a check. Find out the steps for making your first investment and what properties and parties qualify.

Investing Your Retirement Savings Your Way

Your retirement savings is your money. Know the gamut of IRS-approved investments for your self-directed IRA.

1031 Exchanges and IRA Investments

Read a real life example that illustrates how a property is relinquished in a 1031 exchange and how was replaced with a combination of 1031 and IRA funds.

1031 Exchange of the Month: 1031 Exchanges and IRA Investments
“Consider the fact there is over $4 trillion in retirement funds: that is an awful lot of potential investment capital!” – David Moore

You can read the full article, “Can a 1031 exchange be combined with an IRA investment?,” here.

Using Your Checkbook IRA to Buy an Investment Property

Plan ahead with simple steps to use your self-directed IRA to invest in real estate. This level of planning will help you avoid mistakes in the process.

How to Buy Your First Investment Property with a Retirement Account
Learn about:

  • Moving your money to a custodial account
  • Know what you want to do with the property
  • Create an IRA-specific LLC
  • Negotiate the purchase of the property

You can access “How to Buy Your First Investment Property with a Retirement Account” here.

Rules about Qualifying Real Estate Purchased with a Self-Directed IRA

Our monthly newsletter covers many topics related to using self-directed IRAs to make real estate investments. In this issue we look at properties that qualify and properties that don’t, as well as who is a disqualified party.

What Kind of Real Estate Qualifies for a Self-Directed IRA?
Real estate that qualifies:

  • Rental Houses
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Office Buildings
  • Retail Centers
  • Land
  • Any Real Property to be Held for Investment
  • A Future Retirement Home

You can read “What Kind of Real Estate Qualifies for a Self-Directed IRA?” here.

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Educate Yourself at Home with These Valuable Resources

Learn about investing IRA funds into real estate in “Real Estate Today’s” 10 session series featuring host, Bob Nelson, and David Moore, founder of IRA Advantage and Equity Advantage. Consult David Moore’s video library for even more information about self-directed IRAs.

How to Advertise Your Property on Post 1031

Promote your property with Post 1031, the only listing service dedicated to 1031 exchanges. Start for free with unlimited property listings, and add additional features to help promote your property to potential buyers.

Post 1031 Exchange Property Search
Learn how to:

  • Post and promote your property
  • Advertise with Post 1031
  • Start your exchange

Check out Post 1031 here.

Savvy investors will appreciate how working with the Advantage Family expands their options. Put your self-directed IRA funds to work for you. If you have a 1031 Exchange property to sell, learn how to list it on Post 1031.

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