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1031 Exchange FAQ – Common Questions & Answers

The 1031 exchange is an amazing and versatile tool in real estate investing. Because of the flexibility that it offers, investors frequently have questions about just what the qualifications, necessary steps, and property definitions are.

1031 Exchange FAQ – Common Questions & Answers
Here’s just a few of the questions that you’ll find the answers to in our FAQ:

  • How do I get started with a 1031 exchange?
  • Does a vacation home qualify for an exchange?
  • Is it possible to exchange out of one property and into multiple properties?

Check out the full FAQ to find out which other questions that you may not know that you had.

Online Capital Gains Calculator – Figure the Benefits of a 1031 Exchange

Online Capital Gains Calculator – Figure the Benefits of a 1031 Exchange
What investment advantage does the 1031 exchange provide over just selling your property? You can find out how much a 1031 exchange can save you in taxes by using our Capital Gains Calculator.

Equity Advantage 1031 Exchange Video Library Resource

Want to know about other 1031 Exchange topics that David Moore has covered? Check out the Video Library to watch David Moore explain concepts and discussions with leading experts in the commercial real estate industry.

Equity Advantage 1031 Exchange Video Library Resource
Recent Videos Include:

  • How to Get Started with a 1031 Exchange
  • Who Is a 1031 Exchange Facilitator?
  • Identifying Property in a Tax Deferred 1031 Exchange

You can also follow our YouTube channel to keep up with the newest videos as they come out.

The Napkin Test – A Tool to Quickly Assess An Exchange

Looking to determine if you are trading across or up in value, equity, and mortgage? The Napkin Test is a simple exercise to determine the potential for exposing taxable assets or “boot” in an exchange. The test was conceived literally on a napkin at a seminar by a California tax attorney.

The Napkin Test – A Tool to Quickly Assess An Exchange
“A Simple Rule to Remember: You may offset mortgage boot with cash, but you cannot offset cash boot with additional mortgage.” – David Moore

The Napkin Test gives you a quick estimation of that value before you go through a detailed analysis with an expert.

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