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[toggle Title=”2010 Benefits of Converting Your IRA into a ROTH Ending Soon”]For those interested in converting their traditional IRA to a ROTH, the clock of opportunity is ticking. The 2010 benefits of converting your IRA account are ending shortly and the following is a great article by Eric Wikstrom describing the process…

IWS – An IRA Owners Guide to Understanding Roth IRA Conversions


[toggle Title=”1031 Exchange of the Month-December”]Our Exchangor was referred to us the day before relinquishing his 7-11 store. His intention was to acquire an industrial property that his manufacturing company was to occupy and the property was going to need improvements. We had the answers for his 1031 exchange…

The Deal’s Details

The reason we had received the late call to get involved was the demands of the improvements to the target replacement property. Another exchange company had been involved but was having problems with the details of the property to be improved.

After our initial analysis of the Exchangor’s objectives we found that in addition to the industrial property our client was interested in acquiring a fast food restaurant in Texas. With this discovery we informed the Exchangor the option of merely acquiring the two properties in a delayed exchange instead of structuring an improvement exchange, by choosing this option he could save himself thousands of dollars in exchange fees.

The second targeted property and the initial purchase of the industrial property combined met the exchange’s value and equity requirements, even without the improvements to be constructed. After presenting the option of passing on the improvement exchange, the Exchangor opted to move forward with the improvement exchange just in case something happened with the second replacement property.

We acquired the industrial property, the improvements were completed and the property was transferred to our client. In addition to the industrial property our client moved forward with the second replacement property, the restaurant in Texas. As the negotiations moved forward it became apparent additional funds would be necessary for the restaurant’s purchase and we explored adding funds via the Exchangor’s IRA. We ran into an issue using the IRA funds since the loan would have had to be non-recourse for the IRA’s involvement and a commercial loan in such a small amount was not available at the time. A loan was secured that worked with the cash available and the exchange was completed.

Our Exchangor found the opportunity of using his IRA to acquire another investment was very attractive and has now moved forward to do so using our sister company IRA Advantage. Buying real estate with a Self-Directed IRA in today’s Real Estate market is simply too good to pass up in this investor’s mind!


[toggle Title=”IRA Advantage presents: Maximize Your IRA, Diversify Use Your IRA for Real Estate”]David Moore: Maximize Your IRA, Diversify Use Your IRA for Real Estate

Tuesday, December 14th 6:00-7:00pm
Lincoln Center, Building 2- 2nd Floor Conference Room, 10220 SW Greenburg Rd., Portland, OR 97223

Come to this one hour presentation to learn how to invest IRA funds in real estate, whether you are an investor or broker, whether interested in land or office buildings. In a world where bank financing is scarce IRAs are proving to be a tremendous source of investment capital for Real Estate Investment. One hour core credit for continuing education given.

or call 503 635-1031

The IRA Advantage Seminar Series

When looking at today’s investment options for IRAs, Real Estate is often looked at as an “alternative investment”. In reality it has been possible to acquire real estate with IRA funds since the mid seventies and today the opportunities available make Real Estate a very attractive option. Let us show you how…

If you are unable to attend this month’s seminar but are interested in attending a future event please let us know. The Advantage companies offer monthly seminars on a variety of subjects.

For those of you looking for real estate continuing education credit hours we are a certified provider of Oregon and Washington State credit hours and we offer a variety of classes that are approved.

Download Flier PDF


[toggle Title=”November 18th Apartment Insider Report Seminar”] David Moore: Learn How to Self-Direct IRA Funds into Real Estate

Thursday, November 18th 9am – 12pm
The BING Lounge, Portland

Whether you have targeted key opportunities to expand your current portfolio, diversify assets, or enter the real estate market for the first time. Joseph Bernard Investment Real Estate invites qualified investors to attend this exclusive event.

Seating Limited to 75 Attendees
Call 503-546-9390 to Register


  • Apartment real estate expert Joseph Chaplik of Joseph Bernard LLC, shares his investment strategies.
  • Appraiser Mark Barry delivers his latest
    read on the Apartment market.
  • Learn how to self-direct IRA funds into
    real estate with David Moore of IRA Advantage.
  • Plus surprising news in the lending and
    credit markets from Marc Pearce of the Commercial Lending Group.

For more information on the presenters and their firms checkout the following links:

Joseph Chaplik

Mark Barry

David Moore

Marc Pearce

The IRA Advantage Seminar Series

If you are unable to attend the “Apartment Insider Report” seminar but are interested in attending a future event please let us know. The Advantage companies offer monthly seminars on a variety of subjects.

For those of you looking for real estate continuing education credit hours we offer classes that are approved for Oregon and Washington.

or call 503 635-1031


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