At Equity Advantage we talk all about investing in real estate using the 1031 exchange- but what about investing in real estate using IRA funds or even a reverse 1031 exchange? This video mini course covers a variety of key concepts behind these different methods of investing.

Several of these videos are from IRA Advantage, another site in the Advantage family. Watch the videos below to get your feet wet in the world of self-directed IRA investing and check out the IRA Advantage website to learn more. You can check out our other investment videos here at Equity Advantage by heading to our Video Library or subscribing to our YouTube channel.

1031 Video Library

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What Are the Risk Factors Involved with Self-Directed IRA Investing?

When it comes to investing with your self-directed IRA, what are the risk factors involved? Is this something that is available to the average investor?

Get all the details on the benefits and pitfalls in the article here.

REVERSE 1031 Exchanges: What They Are & How to Use One Today

Watch to learn about the reverse exchange, an exchange meant to allow buyers to purchase new properties now while hanging onto real estate they want to sell until later when it might be worth more.

Find out if a reverse exchange is right for you by checking out the full article here.

Self-Directed IRA Investing: How Do YOU Want to Own Something?

Using IRA funds vs. your own funds… which is better, and can you combine these sources of funding?

Read our full article and video transcript here.

The Checkbook IRA vs. the Solo 401k: Which Is Better?

This video discusses the different investing methods behind utilizing a checkbook IRA versus a 401k for real estate.

Catch all the details in our article here.

Online video education is an amazing opportunity to further expand your skills as an investor during this time. Watch the series of videos above to improve your investing in the here and now.

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