Peregrine Private Capital Presents Diversification with the DST
Milton Friedman famously said, “Inflation is always and everywhere a monetary phenomenon.” Sadly, this dictum has been lost. Tune in as we sit down with Robert Smith of Peregrine Private Capital for all the latest market updates and how the DST is here to help. Now that inflation is here, income property owners must ask themselves what this means to their future and survival of wealth.

DST’s & the Risk of Inflation – What Is Going On In the Market Right Now?

The greatest value DST property programs currently offer investors is their diversification! But to be clear, when investing with the DST, do you need to work with multiple different companies to fully diversify? The short answer is NO! You do not need to go to five different Mr. Smith’s to cover your bases.

What Are Some DST Options for Inflationary Times? The Delaware Statutory Trust

With the respect to tangible assets, what characteristics are important to look for while investing during recessionary times? What assets are more attractive during a time when we might have a little stumbling in the economy? Get the latest list of available assets from our expert, Robert Smith here!

Diversification with the DST (Delaware Statutory Trust)

When you are investing in a DST, how do you know if you are diversified? Sit down with David Moore and DST Expert Robert Smith as they walk through different ways to ensure your security while exploring investment options like this!

Navigating today’s economy and 1031 exchange options takes a professional, and you can count on the whole team at Equity Advantage to help. Your investments are just too important not to have an expert on you team. Give the folks at Equity Advantage a call, 503-635-1031, to get started!