New Oregon Rent Control Video Series Answers Your Questions

New Rent Control Video Series Out!

If you are a pilot you file a flight plan. Ship Captains Chart their course. River runners file a float plan while even Scuba Divers live by the saying “plan the dive and dive the plan”. These and many other examples of proper planning are part of everyday life and yet investments are often left to chance…


Oregon recently became the first state in the nation to enact statewide rent control and restrictions on tenant evictions. Senate Bill 608 was signed into law by Gov. Kate Brown on February 28, 2019, taking effect immediately… But what does that mean for you? Join Owner of Equity Advantage, David Moore and our in-house legal Rachel Kotkin as they discuss the new statewide rent control, where it will leave you, and where you can go!

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New 1031 Exchange Blogcasts

Do 1031 Exchange rules let me buy property that my business already occupies as a tenant? How do I know if my Exchange is secure?


Have more 1031 Exchange questions? Head to our Equity Advantage Blogcast channel to get all of the latest news updates and information! This month we have David Moore covering Exchange rules for acquiring property that your business occupies, and how to confirm if your 1031 Exchange is secure today. Listen in for the answers and stay tuned next month for more!

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New Ask The Experts

The Truth About Cost Segregation Studies…



What is Cost Segregation and what does it have to do with Real Estate? Tune into our latest Ask The Experts to find out! We were lucky to have Jonathan Frizzell with the Cost Segregation Group of CBRE join David Moore in our office as they discuss what Cost Seg. is, when it should be done, and how to apply it. Have more questions? Check out our channel below now for more!

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Post 1031 Listing

Ask a Question

The Guys With All The Answers…

David and Thomas Moore, the co-founders of Equity Advantage & IRA Advantage

Whether working through a 1031 Exchange with Equity Advantage, acquiring real estate with an IRA through IRA Advantage or listing investment property through our Post 1031 property listing site we are here to help Investors get where they want to be. About Us…