IRC Improvement 1031 Exchanges – Everything You Need to Know

We have been getting more and more questions from clients about this type of 1031 exchange. An improvement exchange allows the investor to construct the “perfect” replacement property in order to acquire precisely what is desired. Improvements can be as simple as repairs to existing structures or as complex as ground-up new construction.

The improvement exchange opens up many opportunities to the savvy investor, even the possibility of improvements to property already owned! Sit down with David Moore of Equity Advantage as he walks though all you need to know about IRC improvement exchanges.

What You Will Learn

  • Why time is even more critical with an Improvement Exchange
  • How the process flows within the 180 day timeline.
  • What happens if improvements aren’t completed at the time of transfer.
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Navigating 1031 exchange options takes a professional, and you can count on the whole team at Equity Advantage to help. Your investments are just too important not to have an expert on you team. Give the folks at Equity Advantage a call, 503-635-1031, to get started!