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Join Equity Advantage and IRA Advantage on January 27th and 28th at 10AM PST for this month’s webinar classes: 1031’s for Today.. Exchange Stories and IRA Investment Options for the Future. Why Be Stuck on Wall Street? Both courses are taught by expert David Moore for 1 Oregon Credit Hour.

EQ Webinar Jan 27 2021
Why should someone sell if they have nowhere to go? See why today more than ever 1031 exchanges are necessary to keep investor’s equity working for them! This informative class covers 1031 exchange fundamentals and a case study of recently structured deals. So you think you lost money on your real estate… Gain has nothing to do with profit, and even a loss to foreclosure or short-sale can trigger phantom gain! Find out how 1031’s are more important today than ever before.

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IRA Webinar Jan 28 2021
Real estate has been sold as an “alternative” investment by Wall Street yet there is little if any investment that is more REAL. Today more than ever tangible assets such as Real Estate offer stability and dependability that just is not possible from the securities world. Find out how to invest retirement accounts in real estate, notes, and loans! A truly self directed account will allow you to own anything you currently own, plus anything the law allows.

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45-Day and 180-Day Postponements for Disaster Areas in Alabama

The IRS has issued postponements of the 45-day and 180-day deadlines as follows:

Clarke, Dallas, Marengo, Mobile, Perry, Washington, and Wilcox counties for Hurricane Zeta that began on October 28, 2020.

The Disaster Date is in bold above. (Note that some disasters occur on a single date; others, such as flooding, occur over a period of days and the Disaster Date above is preceded by beginning or began.)

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Tell your elected officials how Section 1031 like-kind exchanges have benefited you, your business, and your community! Section 1031 has been a vital part of everyday business transactions U.S. tax policy since 1921.

Please take a few minutes to send a message to your elected officials.

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Head to our channel and watch as owner of Equity Advantage David Moore speaks on 1031 Exchanges and other issues concerning commercial real estate in today’s unique market.

1031 Exchange Webinar: Advanced 1031 Exchanges… The Fun Stuff! (1.5 hrs)
1031 Exchange Ask the Experts: Life Insurance is AN ASSET! Learn How to Utilize Yours Today

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