Debt Over Basis = Gain

Debt Over Basis = Gain

It is possible to have a gain on the disposition of a property even in a short sale or foreclosure! Through recessionary times property owners may find themselves in a very confusing situation; while suffering what is apparently a loss they may actually trigger a gain.


The term “gain” is often thought of as profit yet the two terms have totally different tax meanings. Gain is simply the adjusted sales price minus the basis in a property.

In a foreclosure the debt on the property is considered to be the sales price. Therefore, if the debt is greater than the basis an investor will realize a gain even when losing the property and any equity in a foreclosure! When considering the sale of investment property, even in a hardship situation your ability to preserve all opportunities can make a tremendous difference. This “phantom” gain scenario has snuck up on more than one unfortunate seller, but a 1031 exchange can eliminate any such tax exposure.

The 1031 Exchange Lifesaver

A 1031 can truly be a lifesaver for an investor who has the financial ability to acquire a replacement property. Consider the following scenario:

A property has a basis of $200k and debt of $500k. In a foreclosure the debt is considered to be the sales price for tax purposes. Therefore the gain could be roughly $300k yielding taxes of as much as $100k!

Another option is to structure a 1031 Exchange using the $100k that would have been thrown away on taxes and acquire a replacement property.

Would you prefer to hand Uncle Sam the tax or do an exchange to acquire a new replacement property? This is not a hard choice!

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