Why give your money to the IRS when it could go to your favorite charity instead? Instead of paying capital gains taxes to the IRS, take advantage of this unique 1031 exchange endgame to give those funds to a charity of your own choice. Tina Colson of Equity Advantage and Lon Dufek from Providence Foundations of Oregon discuss the basics of charitable remainder trusts and how they can let you do just that.

FAQ What is a Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT)?

What You Will Learn in This Video

  • Why a CRT is an excellent end game strategy for an investor who is ready to sell their properties and retire
  • The three major benefits of a CRT: bypass capital gains, increased income, charitable donations
  • How a CRT may provide a steady income stream larger than the net rental income the investor was receiving
  • An overview of the two major types of CRTs and the types of income they provide
  • The best time to set up a CRT when selling your property and when it is too late to establish one
  • CRTs and inheritance
  • Why it is important to work with an experienced planned giving officer or gift planning officer

If you are an investor looking for an exit strategy, CRTs are just one more great option for you to choose from. Not only will you get a lifetime income, but also a charitable deduction and the ability to leave a legacy with your favorite charity.

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A charitable remainder trust is an excellent real estate investing option that is both rewarding and fulfilling. If you would like more information on investing with a CRT, please reach out to us. 503-635-1031.