1031 Exchange Learn Online - Video Mini Course

Investors everywhere are finding that they have much more time at home than usual. This time is perfect for taking a step back and look at how you can improve your investing with new strategies and knowledge.

If you are not yet familiar with the 1031 exchange, it is one of the most powerful real estate investment tools that you have at your disposal. Below are some of the best 1031 exchange online videos from Equity Advantage explaining how the 1031 exchange works and how it can be used for your investments.

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1031 Video Library

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How to Get Started with a 1031 Exchange for Real Estate

New to the 1031 exchange process? Here’s the details you need to get started with your investing.

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Self-Directed 1031 Exchanges: When Should I Contact a 1031 Exchange Expert?

What 1031 options are available for your investments, and when should you contact an expert to help your through the process? David Moore covers planning your 1031 exchange investments.

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1031 Exchange Facilitators – Exchange Timeline

Understanding the timelines for a 1031 exchange is vital for successfully planning your investments. David Moore explains the details and what you need to know.

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Ask The Experts: Why Invest in Real Estate?

Why is real estate such a great area of investment as compared to other areas? David Moore discusses the benefits of real estate investment with Robert Zink from Zink Realty Advisors.

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Reverse 1031 Exchanges: Does a Reverse Exchange Let You Sell Your Property Sooner?

Can you sell your property before starting the 1031 exchange process? Technically yes, but that doesn’t mean that you should. David Moore explains why.

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Online video education is an amazing opportunity to further expand your skills as an investor during this time. Take a moment to check out these 1031 exchange videos and you will be taking something valuable back into your real estate investing.

New to the 1031 exchange? Contact a qualified expert, David Moore of Equity Advantage, to help guide you through the process. 503-635-1031.