1031 Exchange Investing Today - Video Mini Course

When looking to invest in the current times, there are a number of important things to consider. This video mini course covers a variety of relevant topics from how to handle a home office to filing this upcoming tax season.

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1031 Video Library

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Determining Dealer Status in a 1031 Exchange

Learn about the investors vs. dealers section of the 1031 exchange and what that means for your investing strategy.

Get the full details on the IRS distinction in the article here.

How and When Should I File Taxes with a 1031 Exchange?

Watch this video to find out when to file your taxes when involved in a 1031 exchange as the tax season approaches.

Find out when timing does and doesn’t matter in the full article here.

The Home Office Tax Deduction

If you’re one of the many working from home in the pandemic, watch and learn the pros and cons of a home office tax deduction.

Read our full article and video transcript here.

What is a “Truly” Self-Directed Retirement Account?

This video discusses the difference between a fully self-directed retirement account and how Wall Street often defines “self-directed” to clients.

Catch all the details in our article here.

Online video education is an amazing opportunity to further expand your skills as an investor during this time. Watch the series of videos above to improve your investing in the here and now.

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