I have learned that letting people know that I am an exchange intermediary, or a qualified intermediary, is a real conversation stopper. But for investors, it is helpful information. Better still is understanding what a qualified intermediary is and how one can help you complete a 1031 exchange.

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What Does a Qualified Intermediary Do?

The term in the 1031 exchange industry is a QI, qualified intermediary. Another term that’s used in place of QI is exchange intermediaries. We do this here at Equity Advantage and we’re just paid a fee to step into the middle of a sale and purchase and turn it into an exchange. We have the capacity to act as a qualified intermediary for section 1031 tax deferred exchanges.

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When you engage the professionals at Equity Advantage, you are taking steps to protect your investments and maximize your gains. Our team of experts includes qualified intermediaries, and we are experts in 1031 exchange transactions. Call 503-635-1031 for more information.