Get the details about what an exchange accommodator does in a 1031 exchange. Learn how to keep your money safe and find out the ways an accommodator can and can’t help you in your estate planning. The more you know about 1031 exchanges, the better off you are as an investor.

What an Exchange Accommodator is and What They Do

If you are considering doing a 1031 exchange, it helps to understand the role an exchange accommodator plays. Know how an accommodator can help you.

What Is An Exchange Accommodator?
“An exchange accommodator is a third party that’s going to take part in a transaction. They’re paid a fee to accommodate an exchange.” – David Moore

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How to Confirm Your Exchange Accommodator Is Insured and Your Money Is Safe

Protect your money and yourself. If you’re doing a 1031 exchange, find out how you can confirm that your exchange accommodator is insured.

How Do I Confirm That My Exchange Accommodator’s Insured and My Money is Secure?
Learn about:

  • Federation Exchange of Accommodators
  • Qualified escrow accounts
  • The difference between facilitators and accommodators

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Estate Planning and Understanding the Impact of an Exchange on Heirs

We invest for the future, and one of the reasons we invest is for our heirs. Learn how a 1031 exchange may impact them.

Can An Exchange Accommodator Tell Me How An Exchange Will Affect My Heirs?
Learn about:

  • Consulting the right professionals for the situation
  • Exchanges and estate planning
  • How to approach the planning process for an exchange

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What’s the Difference between an Intermediary, a QI, and an Exchange Accommodator or a Facilitator?

These are all terms that describe what an exchange company does. Obviously, there are big differences in the exchange world between companies, and we would like to say that Equity Advantage, in our own words, is a qualified intermediary, but we would consider ourselves an exchange facilitator. We take an active role and make exchanges happen.

Understanding the terminology will help you as you navigate an exchange. Learn about exchange facilitators, exchange accommodators, and qualified intermediaries.

A 1031 exchange is a complex process with a lot of rules governing how they done. An educated investor makes the best investment decisions: Get the details about what an exchange accommodator does in a 1031 exchange, and learn definitions for terms you will hear in the 1031 exchange process. Know what an exchange accommodator can do for you.

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