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David and Tom Moore founded Equity Advantage in 1991 after successful careers as commercial real estate investors. At that time, they had acquired several investment properties in Oregon and found 1031 facilitation resources in the Pacific Northwest lacking. Taking their personal experience with the 1031 process as investors—and the counsel of a friend who owned an exchange firm in California—the brothers launched Equity Advantage.

Their goal from the beginning has been to position Equity Advantage as a 1031 Exchange firm that prefers to partner with investors to achieve the best possible outcome. Unlike other exchange firms that merely shuffle paperwork and hold the money, Equity Advantage consults in-depth with clients prior to each transaction to identify and address unique property transactions.

David and Tom knew it was vital to create a work culture driven by their desire to quickly respond to the needs and demands of their clients. They established the company based upon their shared value of knowledge, competence, integrity and passion, supporting each other as individuals and enjoying the ever-so-important balance of working hard together. Each person who joins the Equity Advantage team is carefully evaluated with these qualities in mind so that client expectations are not just met, they are exceeded.

Today, the Equity Advantage team is comprised of dedicated professionals. David and Thomas continue to jointly lead Equity Advantage and focus the majority of their energy on consulting with clients.

At Equity Advantage, we enjoy partnering with our clients to deliver secure solutions uniquely designed to maximize the potential of each 1031 Exchange. Our goal is to help you protect equity in your investments and give you the freedom to pursue your goals.

Equity Advantage is proud to sponsor: Cancer Ski Out |  Kruse Way Rotary  |Youth Employment Institute |  Lake Oswego School Foundation

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