David Moore, Co-Founder

David Moore is chief executive officer of Equity Advantage, Incorporated, a nationally recognized leader in 1031 Exchange facilitation. David founded Equity Advantage with his brother Tom in 1991 after a successful career in real estate investment. Since then, Equity Advantage has developed an outstanding reputation for partnering with their investment clients to develop unique strategies for the 1031 Exchange, reducing their clients’ tax risks and increasing the value of their property portfolios.

David is a recognized 1031 Exchange expert, and is regularly invited to share his knowledge with realtors, investors, attorneys and property owners through seminars and classes. He is a power sponsor of the Certified Commercial Investment Members (CCIM) and is a former board member of the Federation of Exchange Accommodators (FEA). David played an instrumental role in the FEA’s expansion throughout the Pacific Northwest and served as chairman of the FEA Ethics Committee. He is active in Rotary Club and serves on the boards of several charity organizations.