At Equity Advantage we handle tax deferred exchanges. I always joke that when I go to a party, a quick way to kill a conversation is for someone to ask me what I do. But if you want to do a 1031 exchange, it helps to educate yourself and understand what an exchange accommodator does.

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What Does an Exchange Accommodator Do?

At Equity Advantage, we are exchange accommodators and we’re paid a fee to take a part in a transaction and turn a sale and purchase into an exchange. We’re not an agent of our clients. We have a business purpose, and that is to structure the exchange. Our industry’s trade organization is the Federation of Exchange Accommodators; see for more information.

If you want to educate yourself on the terminology of 1031 exchanges, visit our glossary for help.

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The team of experts at Equity Advantage includes exchange accommodators. They are seasoned pros in 1031 exchange transactions. Call 503-635-1031 for more information.