Each year, our team develops the Top 1031 Exchange Solutions being utilized in the Real Estate industry through topics identified, debated, and brought to our attention through the 1031 Exchange community. Just last month, our Co-Founder, David Moore, presented these opportunities to our clients.

1. Why Real Estate Today?

2. What Are You Selling?

3. Exchange Cornerstones

4. What is An Exchange?

5. What Can Be Exchanged?

6. The Napkin Test

7. Continuity of Vesting

8. Exchange Timelines

9. Property Identification

10. When Can I Get My Money?

Today landlords face an ever-growing threat from the government and tenants. With new laws that seem to strip an owner’s rights, many are left wondering where to go. This one hour presentation will provide a menu of up-leg solutions for frustrated property owners, ranging from passive investments (DSTs) to tax privileged sale solutions, and more.

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