ThomasMoore1031ExchangeTipsA common theme continues to rise in our offices these days; invest in tangible assets!

Tangible Assets historically have proven to be great hedges against inflation and today you hear Gold and other precious metals being touted for this characteristic. Beyond precious metals we’d like you to consider land and anything that comes out of land… We’ll consider these assets to be Real Investments!

Throughout history ownership of land has symbolized power… Wars are fought over it and the wealthy accumulate it. Unlike stocks, debt free real estate cannot disappear!

Today, we are in a market where stocks have for the most part rebounded, Gold is at near record highs, Real Estate is still bouncing around near the bottom, the world is filled with financial turmoil, interest rates are near record lows and inflation is knocking at the door… It appears to be a great time to again look at Real Property!