Question of the Month How Do I Get Started in a 1031 Exchange

Getting started with an exchange is as simple as calling your Exchange Facilitator. Before making the call, it will be helpful for you to have information regarding the parties to the transaction at hand (for example, names, addresses, phone numbers, file numbers, and so on). During the phone call, the exchange coordinator will ask questions about the property being relinquished and any proposed replacement property.

The initial discussion will vary dramatically from company to company with respect to the amount of detail requested. There is very little actual information required to structure a basic delayed exchange. We at Equity Advantage take a more in-depth approach to the process; we like a proactive rather than reactive position. The more we understand our client’s objectives, the better equipped we are to help them achieve them. For this reason, we encourage our prospective clients to both ask questions and answer ours.

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