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Our 1031 exchange intermediary services get deals done by delivering secure solutions uniquely designed to maximize the potential of each 1031 Exchange. As a 1031 exchange facilitator our goal is to help you protect equity in your investments and give you the freedom to pursue your goals.

Why choose EA as your Qualified Intermediary (QI)?

We’re experts in 1031 exchanges, an IRS-authorized process that lets you exchange like-kinds of property—while deferring tax liability.

Enjoy More Flexibility

The professionals at Equity Advantage will show you how a 1031 exchange empowers you to move from investment to investment, while keeping your equity intact.

Defer Your Tax Liability

Instead of facing taxes of a third or more on your gain with a sale of your investment property, put that money into a new investment with a 1031 exchange.

With You Every Step of the Way

Since 1991 we’ve facilitated the full range of exchanges. Our team includes experts in taxation and investment analysis, contract law, escrow, and real estate.

Whether utilizing a Delayed, Reverse or Improvement Exchange
we have the experience and expertise necessary to get the difficult deal done.

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Our Team

For three decades, we’ve been the 1031 Exchange experts.
We’ll help you with contracts, consult with you on taxation, evaluate investments, and most importantly partner with you.

David Moore, CEO, founded Equity Advantage with his brother Tom in 1991, after a successful real estate investment career. David is a nationally recognized expert on 1031 exchanges and a former board member of the Federation of Exchange Accommodators. David is a Certified Exchange Specialist (CES).
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Thomas Moore is the President of Equity Advantage and a cofounder, with his brother David. Tom takes great pride in the firm being a true resource for clients, pointing to the number of repeat clients the firm has. He is a graduate of UC San Diego.

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We are here to answer your 1031 Exchange questions.

It’s important to our clients to understand the process they are about to go through before they actually begin a exchange. For this reason, we’re only a phone call away, plus we offer classes and a wealth of 1031 Exchange reference materials on our website.

A 1031 Exchange is an IRS-authorized process where like-kind business or investment properties are exchanged without immediate tax liability to the property owner (Exchangor).

The IRS requires that an Exchangor use a neutral third party, known as an intermediary or accommodator, to facilitate a 1031 Tax Free Exchange. Equity Advantage, Inc. is a qualified intermediary agency able to properly assess the current 1031 Exchange rules and assist Exchangors with the process.
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1. There must be an exchange of property. Something must be given away and something must be received. (this does not need to occur simultaneously)
2 The Exchanged properties must be like-kind to one another. If selling real estate, the Exchangor must purchase real estate. If selling personal property, the Exchangor must purchase personal property of the same class.
3. The exchange must satisfy the “Napkin Test.” This means, the Exchangor needs to go across or up in value and equity when finding a replacement property. If they reduce their value, they will owe taxes on the difference.
4. There must be continuity of vesting throughout the exchange. The same entity that gives up the relinquished property must receive the replacement property. (If John Smith sells property A, he must be the one that buys property B)
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A Delayed Exchange allows an investor to relinquish a property today while taking up to 180 days to receive the replacement property.
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A Reverse Exchange allows an investor to acquire a new property today and to sell the old property later. The Reverse Exchange greatly expands the ability of the investor to take advantage of changes in the marketplace and to improve his or her investment position. Although the Reverse Exchange has been used for decades, the Internal Revenue Service did not issue any guidelines until 2000 when they published Revenue Procedure 2000-37.
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An Improvement Exchange allows the investor to acquire precisely the property they wish. Improvements can be as simple as repairs to current structures or as complex as ground-up new construction. The Improvement Exchange opens up many opportunities to the savvy investor, even the possibility of improvements to property already owned.
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An Exchange combing both Delayed and Reverse Exchanges. It is possible to sell one property before the replacement is acquired and to relinquish another property afterward.
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