Advanced 1031 Exchanges, the Fun Stuff

Advanced 1031 Exchanges, the Fun Stuff…

It has been said the 1031 Exchange could be applied to up to 64% of all Real Estate closing, yet almost 100 years after the process was started many investors still do not know of this powerful wealth building tool! This class will teach you about the more advanced 1031 Exchange options available, and how to use them. Prior attendance to our basic 1031 class is suggested.

Exchange Cornerstones
Section 121 and 1031
Reverse Exchanges
Improvement Exchanges
Dealer Status

Advanced 1031 Exchanges, the Fun Stuff…
Wednesday November 13th, 2019 9:30 – 11:30am
Equity Advantage, Lincoln Center, Building 2, 10220 SW Greenburg Road, 2nd Floor Conf. Room, Portland, OR 97223

November Oregon Continuing Education Course
2 Credit hours

EQUITY ADVANTAGE is an Oregon Real Estate Agency approved provider of Continuing Education for 2019.

Agents and Clients Welcome

Limited Seating, so RSVP today to attend: 503-635-1031

Contact with any questions.

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Introduction to the 1031 Exchange

The basic premise of any exchange is that something is given away and something is received… The timelines and requirements may change depending upon the format of the exchange, though the basics remain the same. Something is relinquished and something is received!

Tune in above as we walk you through the basics of a 1031 Exchange, and where to get started today! For more 1031 Exchange videos check out our channel today.